Your bespoke recycling concept

Thousands upon thousands of Mr. Green heroes over the last ten years are proof that recycling is a basic need in Switzerland.

With Mr. Green Enterprise, we’ve successfully launched a new solution for companies with over 100 employees that is already working for many larger corporations. Mr. Green offers your business a bespoke recycling concept.

Our services as part of Mr. Green Enterprise are split into five options. These options can be procured individually; however, for a fully green service, we recommend combining all of them so that all the gears line up.

By analyzing the waste you generate, we’ll establish the status quo, discuss the opportunities for improvement and help you define targets and measures.

from 3'900 CHF

We offer a wide range of recycling bins, and take care of ordering, labeling, and delivering them to your locations. We’ll also be happy to assist you with their installation.

from 5'900 CHF

For companies with over 100employees, bespoke recycling concepts are essential. They mean there’s nothing standing in the way of achieving a waste-free workspace.

Price on Request

Waste can sometimes be a small thing with a huge impact. Finely tuned communicationsallow us to ensure happiness and an abundance of knowledge in the longer term.

from 1'900 CHF

In addition to the advantages of a straightforward office recycling system, Mr. Green offers all employees further green and well-designed benefits.

from 3'900 CHF

Together it’s more fun!

We work with you to create a smart solution that will make both the environment and your employees happy.

Wir sind auf dem Weg in eine klimafreundliche Zukunft. Erfahren Sie hier mehr.