Do good things and talk about it

So far, so good. But now we need to get everyone involved and work together. The waste analysis will be supplied as an informative booklet. Of course, this is just the beginning. When you start collecting recyclable material, the new initiative will be communicated to all employees.

That can be in the form of a speech, a welcome drink with our lovely team, signs, screen savers – you name it. In this way, we not only increase the volume of material collected, we also ensure that people are careful and committed in how they handle recyclable material.

After that, you just need to collect as much recyclable material as possible and share stories of your heroes in action. Together, we define the communications strategy and put it into practice.

from 1'900 CHF exkl. MwSt.

It’s a big task – so where do you start? Over coffee, of course

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